Sunday, August 05, 2007

Still socking around and a round...

I have been studying my sock options and am delighted to report that I have red socks on the needles (using the new short row) and have decided what pattern to use for the purple (to match Grant's Christmas scarf). The red sock is going to be an adaptation (because it isn’t toe up) of this Snicket. The purple sock pattern is called St. John’s Wort! from my ancient stitch pattern book. Now that should lift my spirits!

I’m so excited and
honored that Pat is making socks like mine.

I enjoy Saturdays when people come to knit. I hope everyone enjoyed the pasta salad.

Karyn, how was the day with the Chinchillas?

After everyone left, I realized that I hadn’t seen any lace projects from Dawn's and Cynthia’s Clever Ewe class. Hmm...

This is really fun!

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